Gig Review: The Libertines – Reunion Tour, 05.10.2014

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Going to a concert to see a band, well, that does mean something. Sometimes you pay a lot of money for it, or spend hours driving to the location. From time to time it happens that you even fly to another country and spend the night there, just to see the band. Well, this was the case for me in the beginning of October with The Libertines in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Almost to the minute we entered the concert hall of the Mitsubishi Electric Hall, the supports were already done, so we did not have to wait long for the main act.
They played the old and famous songs of their albums „Up the Bracket“ and „The Libertines“, new material was not included (yet).

Admittedly, the joy was endlessly great, despite the doubts that filled my head until the very last second the band actually showed up. „What if they don’t come after all?“, „What if Peter makes up his mind again?“ (which happened with Babyshambles on Frequency Festival in August this year)…what for would I have come to Düsseldorf, then? (No offense).

But they did come, and boy did they play! The top-songs of the evening were (a little surprisingly) The Boy Looked At Johnny, as well as all-time favourite Up the Bracket, during which the crowd went completely mad. Naturally, this was especially the case in the moshpit, which even I (unexpectedly!) found myself in.
Musically, the gig was very good, John Hassall and especially Gary Powell delivered a great performance. As usual, both of them stayed in the background, but it was Gary Powell who in the end heartily thanked the audience and said goodbye.
Peter Doherty seemed a little bit insecure at this gig and kept seeking for Carl Barât’s eye contact and „approval“, who performed more reliably. Each of them played a solo song, which clearly highlighted the differences between the two front men. Peter as the romantic poet, who has this blurry – and there for hypnotizing – sound, and Carl, who is definitely the better guitarist and more experienced musician.

Opposites attract – this is obviously the case with The Libertines. And even when it’s clear, that a band with two inofficial front men has quarrels from time to time – it’s important that they continue making music. And they’re doing that now.
The concert was the seventh and last in the row of reunion-liveshows that started this summer. The thing that so many fans thought impossible, has actually happened in the end: The Libertines are back together, touring, and even working on a new album which is supposed to come out in 2015. After the „failed“ reunion in 2010 (and before), fans had to content themselves with Peter Doherty’s and Carl Barât’s individual projects, such as Babyshambles, Dirty Pretty Things, The Jackals, etc.

Seeing the two of them together again, however, makes hearts leap for joy. Also during the gig they were practically inseperable: mic-sharing was practised all night long, just like in the good old days. At the end of the show the two blood brothers hugged each other so heartily, that there were certainly some tears shed in the audience.
Fans know: The Libertines are a fantastic band, and we are looking forward to what next year will bring!

© Robin Frank, 2014

© Robin Frank, 2014

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